What is important?

I read this article in the Houston Chronicle today and wanted to share it.


Pastor Gregg Matte, Houston’s First Baptist Church 

April 17, 2009 

Pastor Gregg Matte: Five reasons I love this recession 

I bet that title got your attention. Of course, 

I’m not excited about people in pain or need, 

but there is some good that can come out of 

our nation’s economic situation. Here are a 

few thoughts: 

1. The recession reveals our love of money. 

It’s interesting how losing money affects us so 

much more than making money. When 

everything is climbing, we don’t feel it 

emotionally like we do during a downturn. 

2. The recession reveals silly spending. Was 

the value of coffee ever four bucks a cup? 

No. But now we realize things worthy of 

purchasing and the value of saving money. 

We are all wasteful with our money in some 

way. The recession trims the silliness off our 


3. The recession reveals sin — Ponzi schemes, greed and the sin of my own 

heart. Selfish thoughts abound during these times. We just want to know how 

our personal lifestyle will be impacted. Remember, there is always someone 

in worse shape in need of encouragement and prayer. 

4. The recession provides a teachable moment. It is good for our children to 

see us tighten our proverbial belt. Help them understand by talking with them 

about it openly. They are the next generation to work on Wall Street and 

Main Street, so let’s take this opportunity to teach. The recession also 

teaches adults the burden of debt and the power of bad decisions. We now 

realize the hard way the simple truth, “Don’t buy things you can’t afford and 

don’t need.” That’s the deal. Period. End of story. Wants and needs are 

vastly different. Help your kids to understand this truth. 

5. The recession reminds us where life is found. Relationships with others 

and with Christ – that’s life. Be thankful. Pray. Talk to a friend instead of 

watching a movie. Play in the yard hitting a ball instead of hitting the mall. 

Life is not found in stuff. Life is found by fulfilling God’s purpose — and I can’t 

find a verse in the Bible that says where that can purchased. It is given freely 

in Christ. 

Of course, I don’t love the recessionary layoffs and losses, but my heart and 

yours need to learn their lessons. Let’s be smart with our money in these 

times — and wise with our hearts. 

I don’t think I can add anything better.



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