All is well…Go see my local doctor today.

All is going very well.  All my vital signs are perfect.   My blood pressure is good, blood sugar is good, temperature is normal.  I still weigh 178.  So things couldn’t be better in that regard.   I’m going to see my local nephrologist today just to check in.   He hasn’t seen me since the transplant and I need to get back with him.   He deserves a great deal of credit for working with Dallas Nephrology to keep me off dialysis before the transplant. 

Some of you may have known that I owned two motorcycles.  However, I have been thinking of the ramifications of an accident with only one kidney and that one being relatively unprotected.  Therefore, I sold both of them yesterday.   I just decided that I couldn’t deal with the results if I hurt this kidney doing such a discretionary activity.   I have many, many other hobbies,  so I’ll just concentrate on one of those.  Plus, I’m not too far from having to buy Lauren a car.   So we needed to clear some space in the garage. 

Keith and I continue to get media request.  We continue to try to promote organ donation.  We hope we are making a difference.   I have had several people tell me that they have signed up to be organ donors through Donate Life Texas.  There is a link on the blog to go to their site.  I encourage you to do that.   

Keep us all in your prayers.   We continue to pray and hope that things continue to go well.

I’m back working full time and being a full time dad;  taking the kids to all of their activities, being President of Angelina Youth Soccer, working at church.   All is getting back to normal very quickly. 

Tomorrow is four weeks post surgery.  I’ll try to write something meaningful about my journey on this one month anniversary.



About sskelton

42 years old. 2 lovely daughters. Married to high school sweetheart for 20 years. Interest included photography and motorcycles. Time is spent with family, church and youth soccer teams. And I practice law some too.
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4 Responses to All is well…Go see my local doctor today.

  1. Kate Langston says:

    Keith told me you sold your motorcycles. I think that was a good decision, but I probably only think that because I’m a mother and am scared to death of motorcycles. I’m also very proud of Lauren for making the LHS soccer team but am not surprised. Please tell her this former Panther says congratulations.
    Isn’t “normal” life great?
    Looking forward to seeing you guys in a couple of weeks, this time outside of a hospital and with you and Keith in something other than those fabulous hospital gowns.
    Have a great, NORMAL day! Kate

  2. Brandon Weaver says:

    Glad all is going well and coming together, and so fast. I’m just jealous. I wish I weighed 178.

  3. Kathy Yeager says:

    Great news, Scott! I know the local Dr. will be as amazed as we all are!

    I have been meaning to ask you if Keith gave you a list of operating instructions with his special gift…you know do’s and don’t’s…but I’m thinking that’s just something that is a learned response!

    Have a super rest of the week!

  4. Nancy Blair says:

    We are so glad that things are still going well for you. I am just so happy that you are at home with your family. Probably a good idea to sell the motorcycles. I’m so proud of you for the way you have handled all of this. Love to all, Nancy

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