Off to the Clinic Shortly….

It will be a long day at the clinic — my longest thus far.   Labs and doctor visit at 9:20.  Glofil Test at 11:00.   Glofil test takes at least 2 1/2 hours.   I think I’m probably going to be at the clinic 4 hours today.   I can’t eat until after labs at 9:20.   Blood sugar and blood pressure great this morning.  Looking forward to getting this day behind me.  It is a step in the process to get to come home. 

If you are interested in what a Glofil test is all about — and it is a weird test, here’s a description below:

Glofil Instruction Sheet 

Version 2.2 

Revised/Approved: 5/11/2006 11:45 AM by Thomas Jordan 1 

You have been scheduled for a Glofil Procedure . This test is used to determine your kidney 


The test is performed twice daily and lasts approximately 3 hours. 

The first session process will get started as soon as DTI Clinic doors open at precisely 7:00 am. 

The second session process starts at precisely at 11:45 am. 

When you have your test, you will be with a group of other patients having the same procedure, 

starting at the same time. Therefore, it is critical to be on time. If you know in advance that you will 

not be able to keep your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible, so that we might 

be able to schedule someone else for that time slot. 


You may eat a light meal (not heavy) up to I hour before scheduled appointment. 

If your appointment is for 7:00 am, you may eat prior to 6:00 am. After 6:00 am you may have 

clear liquids only. 

If your appointment is for 11:45 am, you may eat until 10:45 am. After 10:45 am you may have 

clear liquids only. 

You will want to arrive for your Glofil procedure as hydrated as possible, by drinking plenty of 

water. We suggest at least 12 to 15, 8 ounce glasses of water per 24 hour period, 3 days prior to 

your test, unless you are specifically on physician orders for liquid intake restriction. Except for 

those cases we encourage an increase in water intake as far out as three days prior to test, to 

properly hydrate you for the test. If can not do that, please do what you can to be as hydrated as 

possible prior to the test. 

You are advised that nausea is a commonly experienced side effect due to the volumes of water 

administered during the test. Therefore, in an effort to make your experience as pleasant as 

possible, please try to comply with all suggested requests that involve liquids and food prior to and 

during your procedures. 

You will not be able to drink any liquid other than water during you appointment. 

Fresh filtered bottled water is provided. If you choose, you may bring your own water for your test. 

If you choose to bring your own water you need to bring a gallon. The water may be cold but it 

must not have ice in it. 

Lastly, any alcohol consumption 3 days prior to the test should be avoided.

Glofil Instruction Sheet 

Version 2.2 

During the Procedure: 

We will need a urine sample from you as soon as you arrive for your appointment. Please 

plan accordingly. 

If you have not received the Lugol’s Iodine the night before, we will give it at least 15 

minutes prior to the Glofil injection. 

Based on how well you are hydrated prior to the appointment, you will be given a calculated 

amount of water to drink during the test. 

The amount of water given may cause discomfort and even nausea. Please, let your 

technician know of any discomfort, so we can make the appropriate recommendations. 

You will be instructed to void urine and collect every drop and have blood samples taken at 

regular timed intervals during the three-hour test. Please, remain in the Glofil department 

during testing and tell your technician anytime that you have to leave the area. 

You must not eat during test, unless told to do so. You should not have had anything to 

eat, 1 hour, prior to test. This can cause nausea and additional un-needed discomfort. 

Avoid any caffeine and tobacco products during testing. 

Additional instructions: 

1. You will not have a Glofil Procedure done if you are allergic to iodine. If you are allergic to 

iodine please consult your physician, an alternate method to determine your kidney function 

can be done. 

2. You will not have a Glofil Procedure if there is any radiation present in your system. This 

would occur if you have recently had any type of scan and or a stress test. 

3. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding will not have a Glofil Procedure. 

4. Women who are experiencing a heavy menstrual cycle should not have a Glofil 

Procedure. It should be postponed to a later time. 

5. During your Glofil Procedure you will be required to make several trips to the restroom 

under your own power. If you are unable to do this on your own you will need to bring 

someone with you for assistance. 

6. Due to limited space in waiting room we suggest that no more than one family member in 

the waiting room at one time. Any special requests regarding this may be discussed with 

the Glofil Technician at anytime. We will certainly accommodate anyone if space is 


If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Glofil Department at 214-358-2300 ext 


Thank you, it is our pleasure to serve you, 

DNA Administration and Laboratory Staff


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42 years old. 2 lovely daughters. Married to high school sweetheart for 20 years. Interest included photography and motorcycles. Time is spent with family, church and youth soccer teams. And I practice law some too.
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One Response to Off to the Clinic Shortly….

  1. Kent F says:

    Peace during the test Scott. Not something one would want to do regularly.

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