Two Week Anniversary

Today is the two week anniversary of my kidney transplant and God continues to bless my recovery and my family.   We are truly blessed and truly humble by the outpouring of love and concern that we have received.   

Obviously, I continue to thank Keith and Kate personally as well as thank God for their generosity, love and selfless spirit.   They are true examples of the Christian principles that we should all strive for:  Putting others before ourselves.   I know that their example will change my life for ever.   Every time I have a selfish though I will be reminded of what Keith, with the support of Kate, did for me.

Two weeks post op I continue to get better and better and am now walking about 2 miles a day.   The soreness is mostly gone and I am doing just great.  I have good energy and good stamina and all of the problems associated with little to no kidney function are gone.   Keith’s kidney has literally restored my life.   While I will have a medication regimen for the rest of my life and I will need to monitor my vital signs and weight daily, I will have very few other restrictions — none that really matter in the grand scheme of things.   So you can see what the gift of this kidney has done.  It has made me whole again.   And just importantly,  it has made life better for Sheila, Lauren and Allison.   Without the transplanted kidney we would have had to make some life style changes that would have changed the way our family operated. (Certainly, we could have adjusted — but none the less the adjustments would have been significant.)  Instead,  Keith steps forward and gives of his time and his kidney and goes through the discomfort of the surgery all so I could be normal again.

I know that you have all heard Keith say and seen him write that it was all worth it and that the 6 days off and the discomfort are not significant considering the benefit that you give to the recipient.  However, I will always be grateful to Keith for his sacrifice and willing spirit.  Hopefully, Keith and I can inspire others to consider live donation with our stories.  He, with his story of how little there is to endure to help a fellow human being.  Me, with my story of how it has changed my life.

We also want all of you to consider being an organ donor upon your death.   Those of us that are Christians believe that we leave this earthly vessel that we no longer need.   If we, in our death, can help some father, mother or child to lead a healthy, productive life what greater legacy could we leave?  I know of a family that lost a child about 20 years ago.  They donated his organs.   To this day those organs are allowing two fathers to have a normal life with their families. How wonderful to think that in tragedy can come some hope.  Please consider being and organ donor. 

With two weeks behind me, and a new kidney in me, I feel so blessed by the whole process. I assure you that one doesn’t go through this without being changed.  My intent is to stay “changed.”  To never take the gift of a more normal life for granted.   The “pay forward” the generosity that I have received.   To be more patient.  To be more interested in the needs of others — even strangers.   To be selfless instead of selfish.   I won’t be perfect.  I’ll slip.  I’ll need all the grace that I have always needed before.  But I won’t forget.   And each of you has permission to remind me of my journey and my blessing should the need arise. 

I thank you for all of you prayers, calls, blog post, email, cards, gifts and every other nice thing that you have all done for my family.   All are truly appreciated. We love you all.  

I hope to see you all soon.   Take care and God bless.  The last two weeks have been awesome. 



About sskelton

42 years old. 2 lovely daughters. Married to high school sweetheart for 20 years. Interest included photography and motorcycles. Time is spent with family, church and youth soccer teams. And I practice law some too.
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4 Responses to Two Week Anniversary

  1. Brent says:

    Good Morning, Scott. I’m glad to read your current comment. I think that your words are a good reminder to all of us that our purpose here on this earth is not for us. It’s too easy to get caught up in the small things, and I challenge you to remind us, at least me, of that as well. I think that it’s easy to get frustrated about things out of our control, especially as attorneys. I’m sitting here today frustrated with trying to make things work out for a client when I know that the efforts will not be successful on this issue. Your words are a reminder that what we do as humans is infintely more important that what we do in our respective professions. Talk to you soon.

  2. Sheila Skelton says:

    I would also like to take this opportunity to say, “Thank you,” to Keith and Kate again. To hear Scott say that “all the problems associated with little to no kidney function are gone” is really a miracle. He rarely complained, went in to work, and took care of things around the house until the day before he left for Dallas, however, I know there were days when he didn’t think he would make it to the surgery date without dialysis. We are ALL so thankful for this gift and look forward to the day when he can come home. Keith, we pray for your continued recovery and overall good health.

    Thank you to everyone in Lufkin who has helped take care of us. We appreciate your cards, calls, emails, dinners, and help taking care of our dogs on the weekends while we are in Dallas.

    We love you all,


  3. Sheri says:

    Hi Scott:

    Jim Tilton Chapman wanted me to tell you and Sheila that he has been reading the blogs and has been inspired but what you have shared.

    He is keeping you, Sheila and the girls in his thoughts…..and he wanted to say hello!

    I am just passing along the message.

    I am very happy to hear all the reports and blogs, stories etc….it is truly very inspiring.

  4. Connie & John Porter says:

    Scott, I know Connie has been writing to you and letting you know how thankful we are that your surgery and recovery have gone so well. We as parents of children about your age are also very aware of how your parents must feel. We have been fortunate not to have a child with any significant health issues, but have seen many of our friends that have had to deal with serious health issues for their children, and sometimes, it is overwhelming at how well they handle those issues. I’m sure that your parents are just thankful that they are available to help you through this time. As you know, there is nothing that a parent feels better at than the success of a child, and your parents must be amazed at the success of your ordeal.

    We just want you to know that we have your parents and Keith in our prayers just as we continue to pray for you and “your girls” .

    Connie & John

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