Story goes on AP Wire

The Lufkin Daily News story was picked up on the AP News wire and has gone statewide.   If you Google “AP News Scott Skelton” you will get a list of news organizations that have run the story.   It is also on the Fox News website out of Houston. 

I was called and interviewed by the Texas Lawyer Newspaper. 

Of course, the reason this is all good is because it brings needed attention to organ donation.   



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42 years old. 2 lovely daughters. Married to high school sweetheart for 20 years. Interest included photography and motorcycles. Time is spent with family, church and youth soccer teams. And I practice law some too.
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3 Responses to Story goes on AP Wire

  1. Brandon Weaver says:

    OH great, there goes your ego! haha

  2. Marty says:

    That Fox News. What a great news organization. Fair and balanced. I think I will go home and watch O’Reilly, which is what I am sure you are doing about right now. Kidding aside, I am glad you guys are getting the word out. I remember when I got my first driver’s license, I checked the box to be an organ donor and my mother was horrified at the thought of someone harvesting my organs. I was just a kid but I thought it was the right thing to do and it made sense to me since I would not be needing them anymore. Times and medical science have changed a lot since then but you got me to thinking so I looked at my driver’s license to see if that was still on there after all these years and I don’t even see a box for it. Is this still how you make your wishes known about whether you want to be an organ donor if you are someone other than a live donor? Can you share some info on that? I am clueless on this subject but I am pretty sure it was my driver’s license that showed it. Maybe it was some other state document. I have never seen it in a Will or Directive to Physicians.

  3. Mark Skelton says:

    Scott, you might post this link to your side. It’s the online registration to be a donor in Texas.

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