A Couple of More Photos of Me and My Parents

Mom and Dad have been taking excellent care of me.img_1041img_1042


About sskelton

42 years old. 2 lovely daughters. Married to high school sweetheart for 20 years. Interest included photography and motorcycles. Time is spent with family, church and youth soccer teams. And I practice law some too.
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9 Responses to A Couple of More Photos of Me and My Parents

  1. Olan and Sue says:

    Loved the pictures of you and your very special ‘support group’ – your parents. So glad things are going so well.
    Love to everyone.
    Sue and Olan

  2. Sheri says:

    Hi Scott.

    I didn’t get a chance to ck this out earlier today…but as soon as I was able to this evening I did.

    The photos are great of you, your parents….looking forward to photos of Sheila, the girls and you after this weekend. 🙂

    Lauren flying! WOW ! I bet she is excited – I will lift her up in my prayers as well……

    Sheila and Allison will be in my prayers as well.

    So glad to hear you are still doing really well and your labs are going just as they should. That is terrific!

    Will keep you all in prayers – I don’t know when we will get to come that way….Katherine has a bit of a cold right now….we went to Dr. yesterday, she was complaining of an ear ache – but nothing was pink and no fluid….I let her stay at Mom’s today to rest and just be under a watchful eye incase she ran fever or anything…she rested and no fever – but she is not herself…so we will just keep an eye on her.

    Charles is gone with Chaz this evening for a basketball game at First Baptist….yes Charles just keeps on playing….it is suppose to be the last game of the season – actually an end of season tournament or whatever for the finals…..if you want to log onto Denison Parks and Recreation you might see it…..I am not sure what the name of the team is that he plays on….it use to be Church of Christ in Sherman….but I am not sure if it is still listed that way. He plays with a guy named Justin Lopez – he works with him at B-Line….Charles loves it….

    Anyhow – it was a busy dat at the ol’ DHS today! I am receiving a new student on Monday…..we are all gearing up for TAKS as Sheila is……

    Well, I guess I will let you go. I hope and pray you continue to do very well!

    Love and Prayers to you all!

  3. Marty Barnhill says:

    Looking good, Scott. Keep it up whatever you are doing. We need our coach to be healthy when soccer season starts. Did you mention something before you left about a soccer draft coming up that I need to open up for? Just kidding. Rest at ease. I actually remembered it and I will be here.

  4. Sheri says:

    By the way – Meredith Williams Caddell (Kathy Williams daughter) she emailed and asked that I send her love and prayers to you and Sheila.

    Talk to ya later!

  5. tara says:


    So glad to see that you are feeling better. YOu look great! If you didn’t know no one would think that you had undergone such a big surgery! Thanks for your sweet message. I am feeling better than yesterday. Just very sore. Mom and Brent are taking good care of me.
    Please you that you continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

    Love you,

  6. Cindy M says:

    Hey Scott,
    What a blessing that you have both your parents here and that they are such a support for you!! It was good to see you all looking so good! Enjoyed talking to Sheila at MWP and hearing all your good news. She just called me as I was leaving Kit McConnico. Mariah had a tournament out there today and
    Sheila was picking up Lauren from soccer. Pretty exciting, Lauren flying by herself…won’t be long and she will be driving! Have a great day tomorrow!

    • sskelton says:


      I miss everyone from church a great deal. Not that I ever took church or church family for granted, however, it will be even more special to me when I return.


  7. Kelli Wayland says:

    Scott: Thank you for taking the time to share your beautiful story with all of us. You and your family are truly amazing people and an wonderful example for each of us. Please know that you continue to be in our prayers each day as you continue your journey! Kelli & Steve Wayland

  8. Julia Ringler says:

    Your pictures are great. You’re looking like a “man with a mission of recovery”.
    Our prayers are with you and wishing you speedy progress.
    Herman and Julia

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