I wanted to add a few words to Scott’s report about our visit to the Kidney Institute this morning.  As Scott was being examined/tested, I waited in the reception area and observed and listened to the patients as they talked.  First of all, there was a wide spectrum of ages, and ethnicity and, of course, both men and women.  Kidney disease is not a respector of persons.  I saw a teenage boy and a  young sorority-looking girl and everything in between.  I also heard the many stories of patients spending months and years on dialysis as they awaited a kidney.  Some made as many as five trips to Dallas for a kidney only to be disappointed by failure to match, a “poor” kidney donation or something else.  So, for the thousandth time, I breathed a prayer of gratitude for Scott’s donor, Keith.  We never experienced the trauma of waiting for a kidney.

Although I have wondered many times about this “random” kidney disease (IGA — an autoimmune disease),  that struck Scott, I cannot help but count all the ways in which we are blessed.  The doctors have been great and have taken a special interest in Scott.  I think it may be because he takes good care of himself and is eager to comply with every instruction.  (one of the really upsetting things I saw today was a young man who was rejecting his donor kidney because he quit taking his medicine……he will not receive another one.) 

Thank you again for your countless messages of concern and your continued prayers.  We really believe that Scott is on his way to restored health and a normal life again.  We will never take good health for granted nor the gift he has been given.  Kay (Scott’s mom)


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42 years old. 2 lovely daughters. Married to high school sweetheart for 20 years. Interest included photography and motorcycles. Time is spent with family, church and youth soccer teams. And I practice law some too.
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7 Responses to Observations

  1. Becky Russell says:

    Kay, you have all been in our prayers. The blog has been such a great way to keep in touch. Keith’s perspective was very interesting…and inspiring. I think all of us are re-examining our blessings, our spirits and our willingness to give to others. Sending our love…..beck

  2. Janice Ann Rowe says:

    The entire families are in our prayers. This is a miracle and we are thankful for both families. Lufkin is praying for your return.

  3. Sheri says:

    Good Morning Scott and Mrs. Skelton,

    I pray that you both had a restful night. Praying that your visit to the Clinic today at 8am goes as well as yesterday and better.

    Yesterday was kind of a dreary day in Denison weather wise….I was so hoping that it would be pretty so you could enjoy the sunshine….however, I know we are needing some rain….so I am sure whatever the weather you are so very thankful to be where you are today!

    I pray for your safety in the travel to and from the Clinic and anything else that you might do today….I hope that you feel stronger each and every day.

    Take care and God Bless!

  4. Nancy Blair says:

    Your blog has now been linked to Mike Cope’s blog. Check out “Preacher Mike.” Now many more will know this wonderful story.

  5. Cory Glover says:

    You were very blessed…

    Good thing you didn’t have to resort to this strategy:

  6. Nancy Blair says:

    Look in the comments of being thankful-today’s writing. Kent F. put your blog address. Hope you are having a good day. I read this several times a day so I can keep up. Your attitude has been wonderful and is an inspiration. Love, N.

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