Meeting with Surgeon Goes Fine

Met with the surgeon.   Actually, the intern, the surgeon was in surgery.   Imagine that.   Intern thought I was too healthy looking to be a recipient.   He thought  I was the donor.   Got that straightened out.   So, everything is fine.

Girls almost here.   Will go out tonight for a late dinner.   Will have to have a late night snack too.  No food or water after midnight and the surgery is not until noon on Thursday.

Going to turn the controls of the blog over to my dad during and right after the surgery so that people can be updated.  

Thanks so much for your prayers, thoughts, concerns and comments.   I appreciate them all and I know Keith does.

Keith’s father in law even has the nuns in Lufkin praying for us.  I understand that they have written letters to us which we will receive tomorrow.    Amazing.



About sskelton

42 years old. 2 lovely daughters. Married to high school sweetheart for 20 years. Interest included photography and motorcycles. Time is spent with family, church and youth soccer teams. And I practice law some too.
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4 Responses to Meeting with Surgeon Goes Fine

  1. Tina Cook says:

    Hey Scott! Sounds like all is well in Dallas. I know God will hold you and Keith in the palm of his hand tomorrow and the following months as you recover. We have a big God that we often underestimate, I’m happy to see you don’t! Your strength and faith are truly inspirational.

    Have a blessed evening with your family and a peaceful, restful night. You are in our prayers.

    With Christs Love
    Tina Cook

  2. Robin Schubert says:

    We’re all set to pray you and Keith through this! We love you and Sheila so much. See you tomorrow!!

  3. lisawayne says:

    You have been in our thoughts and prayers daily for some time now. God’s blessings for you and Keith. Give our love to Sheila and the girls.

    Lisa and Wayne Haglund

  4. James Denman, SR says:

    I finally found the correct blogg. First experience with one. Glad to get into the loop and to tell you we are pulling for you and your family. Will keep you in our prayers.
    GOOD LUCK…………

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