tbj-2I started this blog to chronicle my kidney transplant.   As friends and family will know, I was diagnosed with iGA kidney disease and  had only 8% of my kidney function left at time of transplant.  I  avoided dialysis had a kidney transplant at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas on February 12th.   (Ironically, this the hospital where I was born.)

My good friend and lawyer colleague, Keith Langston, volunteered to give me a kidney.  Keith was all in from day one.   The day he found out he called me and submitted an application within an hour.   Obviously, I’m overwhelmed at his generosity.  Thank you Keith.

I hope to add to this site daily and have a few pictures as well.   Hopefully, it will be informative, interesting and fun.  You can subscribe to the “RSS” feed to make sure you are notified of updates. 

Thanks for all your prayers, thoughts and concerns.   They are all coveted and appreciated.  Friends and family are a wonderfully thing.

Read on to see the wonderful story of the gift from Keith and Kate Langston, my journey through the process and the wonderful support that we all have received from friends and family.   I hope that it will uplift with the grace that we can all give each other.


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Sept. 11th 2009

I remember exactly where I was 8 years ago.  I was taking depositions in our back conference rooms with local attorney, Claude Welch, on a car wreck case.   I still remember my client.  I see him every week on my Sam’s run.

I can’t believe that that has been 8 years.   A lot has transpired in our nation and personally.   Like our nation I have tried to turn an  adversity into the affirmative.  Likewise, I can’ t believe it has been 7 months since the transplant.

I continue to work and play.   Everything is going well and I continue to be blessed.

The one thing I wish is that our Country would remember how connected and unified we felt on September 12th.  Tomorrow, wake up and resolve to make our country a better place — only by being a better neighbor, friend,  or colleague.

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My Wonderful Dad

Mom and Dad were here for Fathers Day.  They actually were here to pick up the girls to take them to Port Aransas.  Sheila and I are not going until Tuesday.  I have a couple of hearings that I can’t get moved.

Anyway,  as I sat in my study on Sunday morning drinking coffee and reading the paper with my Dad and discussing the news and other topics, I was thinking how lucky and blessed I am to have a father like him.   First, it was wonderful to grow up in a house with him.   He did everything for us.  Sacrificed when need.   Took us neat places.  Hunting.   Camping. Ball games.  Skiing. Vacations.   He made it all happen.

Second, he taught me how to work.   Being a professional is not easy.   It isn’t necessarily meant to be.   You get the rewards and they can be wonderful.   But you get the headaches too.   Watching him has helped me navigate my professional career.  What a blessing.

Third, Dad and I are friends.    It is wonderful as you grow older to become friends with your father.    I still ask for the occasional advice.   More often than not he just helps me process rather than giving me an answer.   (That is true wisdom.)  But we are hunting buddies and Apple geeks and camera buffs together.   We like to go and do together.   I has been truly fun to experience that.

Lastly and most importantly, Dad has taught and shown me faith.  Not the showy kind.  But the steady, consistent, non wavering kind.  The kind that grows and last and matures.

To sum it up, I’ve been blessed to have a father that I can pattern my life after.   And after all, isn’t that what fathers are all about, showing their sons and daughters the way and the Way.

Thanks Dad.   I love you.


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All continues to go well

I have just so busy with work and life in general I haven’t posted of late.   My labs are good and I have had no set backs.  Exercising daily very hard.  Riding my mountain bike mainly.  Riding some pretty technical trails at the Lufkin’s Kitt McKonnico Park.   Also riding in my neighborhood.  I can ride 8.5 miles in under 32 minutes which is averaging under 4 minutes per mile. 

Keith and I continue to stay in touch for both work and personally.   We had the privilege last Saturday of keeping Keith and Kate’s kids while they went to the funeral for Kate’s aunt. 

Lauren is busy with soccer practice this summer and staying in shape for JV soccer.   She is doing a great job of working out daily.   She gives me a run for my money.  Won’t be long until she can take me. 

Allison is busy too.  She just finished her Spring Dance Recital.  She plays so hard all day she just falls in bed.

Sheila is glad to be out of school.  However, she is already getting ready for next school year.  I think that that is the definition of dedication. 

We are going to Port Aransas for a few days and then to Colorado for a week. The girls are going to stay a few extra days and then fly back to Houston by themselves.  The are getting so independent. 

Thank all you for think of and praying for me and my family.  Those prayers are appreciated and coveted.  

More later.


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Happy Mother’s Day Mom.

Dear Mom,

On Mother’s Day let me just say one more time how thankful I am for you and all that you do for me.   Thanks so much for taking a month off to be my nurse and driver.   Although, I’d rather have not have had the surgery, the time with you was very special and something most 42 year olds don’t have the opportunity to do.   Just another blessing that has come from my situation.

Of course you’ve always been there when I need you with wise counsel, an open mind, friendship and all the love anyone could ever hope for.   I hope that I can be the parent to my girls that you have been to me.   You’ve set a great example and a high bar.   I love you so much and enjoy our great gab sessions as I walk around the golf course getting my exercise at night.  Those are highlights to me and I will never forget them.

So again, happy Mother’s Day.   Thanks for everything that you have done and will do for me and my family.   I love you dearly.



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What is important?

I read this article in the Houston Chronicle today and wanted to share it.


Pastor Gregg Matte, Houston’s First Baptist Church 

April 17, 2009 

Pastor Gregg Matte: Five reasons I love this recession 

I bet that title got your attention. Of course, 

I’m not excited about people in pain or need, 

but there is some good that can come out of 

our nation’s economic situation. Here are a 

few thoughts: 

1. The recession reveals our love of money. 

It’s interesting how losing money affects us so 

much more than making money. When 

everything is climbing, we don’t feel it 

emotionally like we do during a downturn. 

2. The recession reveals silly spending. Was 

the value of coffee ever four bucks a cup? 

No. But now we realize things worthy of 

purchasing and the value of saving money. 

We are all wasteful with our money in some 

way. The recession trims the silliness off our 


3. The recession reveals sin — Ponzi schemes, greed and the sin of my own 

heart. Selfish thoughts abound during these times. We just want to know how 

our personal lifestyle will be impacted. Remember, there is always someone 

in worse shape in need of encouragement and prayer. 

4. The recession provides a teachable moment. It is good for our children to 

see us tighten our proverbial belt. Help them understand by talking with them 

about it openly. They are the next generation to work on Wall Street and 

Main Street, so let’s take this opportunity to teach. The recession also 

teaches adults the burden of debt and the power of bad decisions. We now 

realize the hard way the simple truth, “Don’t buy things you can’t afford and 

don’t need.” That’s the deal. Period. End of story. Wants and needs are 

vastly different. Help your kids to understand this truth. 

5. The recession reminds us where life is found. Relationships with others 

and with Christ – that’s life. Be thankful. Pray. Talk to a friend instead of 

watching a movie. Play in the yard hitting a ball instead of hitting the mall. 

Life is not found in stuff. Life is found by fulfilling God’s purpose — and I can’t 

find a verse in the Bible that says where that can purchased. It is given freely 

in Christ. 

Of course, I don’t love the recessionary layoffs and losses, but my heart and 

yours need to learn their lessons. Let’s be smart with our money in these 

times — and wise with our hearts. 

I don’t think I can add anything better.


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Busy, Interesting Times

I have not really had anything new to post lately.  I go back to the doctor on April 29th.   I continue to feel good and am very busy with my work and family schedule.   Allison’s soccer league is in full swing and Lauren’s team is playing weekend tournaments once every month.   We continue you to be busy with youth group and church.   Allison will be baptized tomorrow and we are thankful, excited and blessed.   She truly understands her relationship with Christ and her new life in Him. 

On another note, I had been very busy at work.   As many of you in Lufkin know,  Jeff Chance has decided to leave the Firm and start a practice on his own.  I’m saddened to lose my friend as a partner.  However, I’m thankful that I work at the firm where I do that has supported me through my kidney transplant.  I’m also thankful for my many resourceful and bright partners who will continue on representing our clients to our usual high standards.  We all wish Jeff and his family the best.   I’m sure Jeff and I will be collaborating as usual and litigation matters that come his way.  

I’ll keep you posted……


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Dallas Transplant Institute Check Up on April 1st

I went to Dallas Transplant Institute on April 1st for a check up.   It was a normal day at the clinic.   They drew blood for labs.  Saw the nurse for vital signs and weight and then saw the doctor.   Was there about 1 hour.   My labs values were perfect.   Creatine level (the value that measures kidney function) was a 1.4 which is really good and is holding steady.  So all is well and I continue to have no problems. 

I was told that I no longer have to check my blood sugar every day.   Just do it a couple of times a week.  The doctor told me that I could do all the activities that I could handle without discomfort.   So I’m really only limited by my own ability to do the activity comfortably.

…. and I weighed the same as the day I left!  

I go back in one month, April 29th, for another check up and a Glofil test.   Keith has to do another Glofil as well and he was going to schedule his that day too.   So we will have a contest: Which kidney works best in whose body.   I’m kinda taking the Bum Phillips quote to heart:  “Bear Bryant could take his’n and beat your’n, or he could take your’n and beat his’n.”  I think I can take Keith’s kidney and beat him at the Glofil test.  I declare a challenge. 

We continue to feel very blessed by the whole process.  Your prayers and thoughts are appreciated.   I thank you all for all the support you’ve shown me, my family and Keith and his family.   


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